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Light of Life Counseling Services, LLC
Light of Life Counseling Services, LLC
Counseling ~ Supervision ~ Speaking

Our Beliefs


Light of Life Counseling Services, LLC is committed to helping its clients thrive by providing caring, respectful and inclusive services to all.


Light of Life Counseling Services, LLC believes everyone can experience full mental and emotional well-being where one can utilize their recovery skills independently to feel fully in control of themselves, regardless of the circumstances they experience.

Core Values

Light of Life Counseling Services, LLC believes that every person deserves to be treated with respect. We strive to live and breathe respect with each person we encounter at every contact as outlined below:  








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Our "Office"

Where Hopeless Becomes Happy

Get comfy! Because our office is… your home! 

Crystal is a Board-Certified Telemental Health Counselor so she can safely and confidently conduct all services virtually (via secured video) from the comfort of wherever you are in Pennsylvania (think FaceTime with a friend). You are able to access and work with her just like you would in an office together, you just get to save the cost on gas (or electric) and parking.

Benefits of Online Counseling/Therapy (Telehealth)

In the comfort of your own home! 
(or office... or car... or hotel... you get the idea)

More flexible scheduling!

You can meet in the comfort of your home with your favorite cup of tea and a snuggle blanket, just PLEASE make sure you are in a private place when you do

Or, you can meet from work or school during a lunch break - again, PLEASE be in a private, secure place with a steady internet connection - I've seen the inside of a lot of cars

No commute or parking time

You can choose from a wider collection of therapists who specialize in what you need as long as they're permitted to practice in your state (I practice in Pennsylvania)

How to - Online Counseling/Therapy


I use TherapyNotes which ensures the privacy and security of your sensitive information. When it's time for your session, simply click on your secure link and your video will pop up. No additional downloads or apps needed!


Identify a quiet, private space where nobody will interrupt you unexpectedly. I recommend using headphones for an added layer of security and privacy.


Use any private device (computer, tablet, phone) that has a microphone AND camera. Make sure you have access to a secure, steady internet connection (remember, public computers and internets are NOT private).


It can be helpful to close all other browsers and programs so that you can access your full bandwidth to minimize lag time or potential disconnection. This helps avoid you seeing my silly "frozen mid-word face."


Grab a blankie and bring whatever you might want with you - journal, tissues, cup of tea, dog (I love pet cameos!)

Is Online Counseling/Therapy...?

Is online counseling as good as in-person counseling?

As a therapist who has specialized training and certification in telehealth, Crystal can assure you this works, and even works better for many people. Studies continuously show people have found online sessions to be just as effective (if not more!) than in-person sessions. After just one or two sessions, you will be surprised how easily you can connect with your thoughts and emotions (just like face-to-face sessions). We think you will also find the additional life and scheduling flexibility an added bonus.

Is online counseling for me?

Teletherapy can be a great way to get support, but it's not for everyone. Teletherapy may not be for you if:

You do not have access to a private, steady internet connection

You are unable to be in SAFE, private space

You are unable to keep yourself safe and require more intensive support (a higher level of care)

You are struggling with significant alcohol or substance use

You are experiencing ACTIVE suicidal thoughts (call 911 or 988 and seek IMMEDIATE care at your nearest emergency department)

Want to see if online counseling is right for you?

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About Crystal L. Vatza, MSCC, LPC, BC-TMH
Licensed Professional Counselor
​Board-Certified TeleMental Health Counselor
Pennsylvania ​Approved Clinical Supervisor

I'm SO PROUD of you for being here and can't wait to meet YOU!

Get to know me

It’s hard enough to know (or not know) what you’re feeling or needing, let alone actually talk someone about it. What if they judge, criticize, or reject you? You already have a super loud inner critic doing that for you, so why have someone from the outside do it too?

I get you! As a perfectionistic, self-critical, spread myself too thin type myself, I’m all too familiar with struggling to turn off those critical and “what if” voices and focus on the positive or the future.


The #1 word my clients said after their first session with me was “relief” from hearing:

No, you're not crazy

You're not alone

There's definitely a path to healing that's absolutely within your reach

About Me

Wife & Mother

LGBTQ+ Ally Christian

Love me some action movies

Fave book: The Oath by Frank Peretti

Fave band: Casting Crowns

Fave organization: The Trevor Project

Life's dream: travel the world with my family to experience all the different cultures

Personal mission: teach and model that love and acceptance provides safety and security, and reduces unneeded stigma and trauma

I’m Crystal, a recovered person who struggled with disordered eating, self-harm, and suicidality. I was someone who sought control through food and punishment through self-harm. Someone who thought life couldn’t get better and it would be easier for everyone else if I wasn’t here. I was someone who felt numb, cold, and alone. Even in a room of one or one-hundred people, I felt like there was no one I could talk to. 

But you know what? I was wrong. I learned I was genuinely loved by others and worthy of my own love. I learned I could control my life in positive ways. I found I could use my experiences to make a difference and help others to learn the same.

I help those who feel like they don’t deserve support, like they, too, deserve self-punishment. I help the helpless, when they feel like they have nowhere else to turn and no one else to talk to. I help those who seek control through food and hurt themselves just to feel something or punish themselves. I help those who experience disconnect from reality and others. I help those who have fallen into the dark pit of hopelessness.

I get it. I’ve been there. I’ve lived that.  And I’ve come out the other side, stronger and full of life, love, and laughter.


I’ve been fortunate enough to discover that helping people like me, is my life’s calling and I am honored to answer that call. I became a Licensed Professional Counselor just so I could help YOU regain control and rediscover the love and happiness you lost in life. Just like I did.

Let’s Reignite a Light where you feel self-love and in control in Your Life.
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Need more?

​Professional Credentials:
​Pennsylvania Licensed Professional Counselor (#pc008166)
​National Board-Certified TeleMental Health Counselor (#308)

Areas of Focus

  • Disordered Eating:
    • Anorexia
    • Bulimia
    • Binge-Eating 
    • Orthorexia
  • Difficult Emotions:
    • Suicidality
    • Self-harm behaviors
    • Borderline Personality Disorder
    • Psychosis
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
  • Difficult Experiences:
    • Trauma
    • Grief
    • Abuse
    • Neglect


  • Cairn University, Langhorne, PA
    • Masters of Science in Christian Counseling
    • Specialization in Professional Counseling
  • Drexel University, College of Medicine, Philadelphia, PA
    • Core Competencies for Integrated Practice with Co-Occurring Mental Health and Substance Use Disorders
    • Trauma-Informed Care for Post Traumatic Stress Disorders
  • Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
    • The Feeling Safe Programme for Psychosis Care
    • Trauma-Informed Treatment for Psychosis Care
  • Usui Shiki Ryoho
    • Reiki Method of Natural Healing

Public Speaking

  • Disordered Eating
    • Sign & symptoms
    • High risk concerns
    • Integrated care & treatment
  • Crisis & Safety 
    • Suicide & Self-harm
    • Psychosis
    • Warning signs 
    • Support & recovery
    • Family involvement
    • Trauma


Enough about me...
Let’s Reignite a Light in Your Life!

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